How To Select A Professional Moving Service?

Moving Advice For A Successful Move

Search professional packers and movers

After having evaluated your situation and deciding to hire a professional moving company to make your move, it is important to compare all the options that exist in your locality. The main points that are recommended for you to evaluate are the following:

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Look for companies that demonstrate their ability and experience in the realization of moving services, especially if you have many assets in your home or with high-value items such as art, musical instruments or even fine furniture.


In each company that you evaluate, research what people have said that have used their services. Often just reviewing your website can be misleading. It is better to know what your customers say about the quality of service of the moving company. With this, you can also rely on recommendations from friends, family or acquaintances.


Make sure that the company that will be responsible for moving your things has adequate resources to transport them all. Also asks if the company has moving insurance and that they provide you in writing about the rights and responsibilities of both parties, as well as an inventory of the goods they will move. This inventory will serve you to be able to claim in case of damages or losses of your things.


Not always the most expensive company is the best and neither the cheapest is the worst. So make sure that the company you choose covers all the points that are important to you in a move. On the other hand, the company should quote as you need and do not pay for a service that in the end is over or even not enough to solve your movement plan. Research, compare and prepare a budget for your move. If necessary just transport with them what is more significant and essential to take care of, and you carry clothes and utensils that do not require more attention. This could save you a lot of money.

Request a technical visit

Request a technical visit so that the moving company can give you a more accurate estimate.

Once you have chosen the company that will move you, you should request them to visit you to evaluate your moving plan. A serious company will propose you to visit your home, and this can favor you a lot, since this way you will have a higher cost exact of the move. It is recommended that you do not trust companies that give an estimate based on cubic meters or moving time. The best thing you can do at this stage is to have the three companies you have chosen and let them visit your house. Choose the one that best suits your needs according to what you observe after the visit.

Compare quotes

As mentioned at the beginning that it is not always the most expensive is the best or the cheapest the worst. Therefore, it is crucial that you review which moving company solves your needs and if the cost is appropriate to your budget and what they offer. You can negotiate with the company that most convinces you and set a price that is beneficial to both. Do not forget to read your contract very well before signing and make sure that this only specifies what you need.

Monitor your moving service

Since you are done deciding on which company will be the one to move you, it’s now time to prepare everything for the move. Although the massive part will be carried out by them, such as loading boxes, packing and transporting your goods, the ideal is for you to be present while the entire moving process takes place. Of course, while the packers and movers load your things, stay in a place where you do not get in the way and do not offer help unless you have questions.

Enjoy the moment in your new home

Of the most notable advantages of employing a professional mover, is that they have unpacking and accommodation of goods. This is very useful at the end of a move because when finished, the only thing that you need to do is clean up your new home and continue with your new life

If you do not hire moving services, you still need to unpack, clean and accommodate your things, and this may take you up to a month depending on your pace.

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