Choosing A Moving Company

Tips on picking the right moving  company

If you are going to move to Florida or just within the state, you should carefully choose the moving company you are going to hire or else moving may be unpleasant.

Moving can be a hassle and it is something that not everyone is very fond of doing. Living in a new place and getting a new job can be overwhelming, and you have to adjust to the new community. This can be a stressful situation because of the cost and the possibility of breaking and missing items during the moving.

Research for Reliable Movers

search barInstead of just hiring the first cheap mover you find thinking you will save money, you should consider spending the time to find a reliable moving company that has been in the industry for quite some time. To help you choose the right Florida moving company, here are some tips for you:

Check the Insurance Coverage

First, check the mover’s offered insurance to make sure that your items will be delivered safely to your new house. It won’t be nice to see damaged items and find out that their insurance doesn’t cover it. It is your right to demand a clear explanation of the company’s insurance coverage.

You have to do a little research to find the right moving company. One way of doing it is by asking people you know or get some recommendation from your co-workers or reliable people within your area. If getting referrals aren’t convenient for you, you can simply look for lists of moving companies that are close to your home. Typing a specific location to find a company would be efficient like for example, you can search for movers Atlantic Beach FL, and you should find what you’re looking for.

Moving companies usually offer minimal insurance, but they provide high-level replacement coverage for an extra fee. This additional service is worth the price knowing that there may be a risk of damaged items upon moving.

Check for Reviews

Ask or search for reviews about the mover that you will be hiring since you will be entrusting this company your important things and hard-earned possessions. Make a list of at least three movers to be able to compare their insurance coverage, estimates, and services. It’s okay to ask questions especially if something is not clear to you. You are going to spend money and entrust them with your items; you should know the process. Don’t be afraid to ask about the company, their services, and license number or if they are associated with American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)

On-site Estimate You should request for an on-site estimate for the cost certainty. If the moving company will only give you estimate by phone, there’s high chance that the forecast cost will change.

The estimator will have a better view of the work to be done when they visit your home. Hence, the labor cost will be determined. Moving companies usually request for more payment depending on the situation. You can save money by packing you things by yourself, disassembling furniture or preparing the appliances.

Watch Out for Red Flags

You should compare different moving companies to check for the red flags. If the moving estimate is too cheap to be true, there’s high chance that there is a catch. It could be that the company isn’t licensed properly.

Another thing you should check would be the reviews online about your chosen mover. There are several sites exclusively for adding reviews such as Last but not the least, check the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been complaints against the moving company.

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